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Jesús Espada (Chule), is a location sound mixer based in Madrid who has been working in the filmmaking industry since 2004. He specializes in production sound recording and is equipped to undertake any situation during production taking into account planning and cooperation between departments to achieve the cleanest and most intelligible sound possible. He counts with postproduction experience which means a profound knowledge of the craft of sound.

He has worked for companies such as Universal, National Geographic, Netflix, HBO, Discovery Channel, Cineflix, Paramount or OBS, amongst many others. He has also participated in many international productions in countries like Thailand, Algeria, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Germany or Portugal. He adds up to over  200 commercials, 10 documentary films, 5 features and 6 TV Series and shows, several music recordings. He is also specialized in International football content (Real Madrid, Atlético, Barcelona) as well as working with VIP talents.

He developed his professional training in Vancouver Film School, Canada, where he lived for two years. He has won various professional awards like FICBUEU, and has been the sound mixer in the projects “The Pirate Ship” and “That wasn’t me”, both of them winners of the Goya and this last one got an Oscar nomination in the Academy Awards. Among his latest titles, “J:Beyond Flamenco”, from the filmmaker Carlos Saura, nominated to Best Documentary Film in the Forqué Awards.


Sound (production and postproduction) for film, television and advertising. Crew network, fixers and colaborators in Spain. Equipment rentals for location sound recording.

Full production sound Kit. Sound Studio.

Zaxcom Nova. ZMT Transmitters.
Sound Devices 688 / 633 · CL12.  Audio Developments AD245 Pico

· Schoeps CMIT. Schoeps CMC6 MK 41/4 · Sanken CS3e · Rycote 

10 X Lectrosonics 411a / Srb - Smqv / LT · Lectrosonics Venue. PSC RF Multi.  KTek / Ambient Recording.
14 X DPA 4061/ Sanken Cos 11 / Countryman B3/B6 · 4 X Camera Hops 
4 X Timecode Sync boxes · 16 X Lectrosonics R1a IFBs IEM. Blackmagic Video monitors. Protools 800W Playback system. Selfpowered speakers.

360 Microphones

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